AlumniEasy是由一群熱血高記舊生建立, 希望借助這平台可以更有效地重遇多年失散的高記仔!
AlumniEasy現處於非常初期數據收集階段, 绝對需要大家多跟同年(或不同年)份畢業的高記仔多加推薦 (至少添加您自己的業務或工作簡介),這樣我們才可以有效地更新所有高記仔的業務,有助大家容易找到自己同學的最新聯繫方式! 多謝支持!
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AlumniEasy is created by a team of Raimondian alumni who are deeply interested in reconnecting with their old classmates in today’s business world.  Our plan is to create an easy to use platform aiming to help reconnect as many alumni as possible. 

With AlumniEasy, all Raimondian alumni’s businesses information can now be better organised and presented in a way that every Raimondian can easily search and pay visits to his/her old classmate’s business, and to pick up the old friendships that got left off since graduation. We believe with your help on referring this site to all your friends and Raimondian classmates, it can speed up the whole information gathering cycle so all of us can benefit from a more informative database sooner.

Email: join@

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